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Summary of Purpose
Welcome to Qmailrocks.org, a comprehensive qmail installation resource. Founded in June of 2003, Qmailrocks.org was put together to provide a free and open resource for anyone needing help with the installation and configuration of Dan Bernstein's qmail MTA and also as an effort to contribute back to the qmail community. Qmail is an incredibly fast, stable and secure mail solution suitable for almost any environment. The qmail installation documented on this site has it's roots in Dave Sill's Life With Qmail as well as Matt Simerson's Qmail toaster, although in total I've pulled ideas from over 20 qmail related sites. This site documents the installation of a fully functional qmail server with all sorts of extra software. The end result is a stable mail server that kicks ass! For the complete list of what the QMR installation includes, click here. This installation guide currently supports the installation of qmail on some 8 flavors of Unix and Linux, and more flavors will be added in time. Qmailrocks.org continues to grow and improve because of the generous contributions from devoted qmail fans across the world. This installation guide belongs to you, the visitors, so you are always welcome to make requests, offer suggestions and/or constructive criticism, submit scripts/tutorials/software for possible inclusion in the guide or just donate some free time or money to keep the site going. If you are new to qmail, I encourage you to not only use the installation guide itself, but to also utilize the incredible resources found in the mailing list, list archive, chat forum and IRC chat room. You can keep up with the latest news and announcements for this site by checking out the Qmailrocks.org Journal or you can get all the details about this site by clicking here.

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Qmailrock.org qmail flavors
What does the Qmailrocks.org qmail installation include?

A successful qmailrocks qmail installation will leave you with the following:

1. Qmail itself - qmail, ucspi-tcp, daemontools w/enhanced logging.
2. John Simpson's massive qmail patch, which includes (among others) qmailqueue, smtp-auth and TLS smtp encryption.
3. EZmlm - A fast and easy to use mailing list manager that works through qmail.
4. Autoresponder - Enables auto-responder capabilities on your qmail server.
5. Vpopmail - Enables virtual e-mail hosting for multiple domains. Available with or without mysql integration.
6. Vqadmin - A web based interface to manage Vpopmail virtual domains on your qmail server.
7. Maildrop - A server-wide mail filtering tool.
8. Qmailadmin - A web based interface for managing vpopmail virtual e-mail accounts.
9. Courier-imap/imap-ssl - The popular IMAP/IMAP-SSL server.
10. Squirrelmail - A web based mail client with a boat load of cool plugins available.
11. Clam Antivirus - a virus scanner for all incoming e-mail. Tied in via qmail-scanner.
13. SpamAssassin - Tied in via Qmail-scanner. A server-wide SPAM filter.

14. qmail-scanner - The alternate queueing mechanism that allows for the use of Clam Anti-virus, Spamassassin and much more.
15. qms-analog - a patch for qmailscanner that allows for extra options as well as enhanced server stats.

16. qmailanalog - A qmail log analysis tool, made better by qms-analog. Analyzes qmail logs and then sends reports via e-mail.
17. q-trap - A domain level word based e-mail filter. The last line of defense against SPAM!

Note: I make every effort to include the latest versions of all software packages related to the QMR qmail installation. All packages are current as of March, 2005. In addition to the standard Qmailrocks.org qmail installation, additional qmail tools, utilities, add-ons can be found here. I have provided detailed installation instructions for most of the additional qmail tools, utilities and add-ons available on this site.


The QMR qmail installation guide is also available in the following downloadable formats:

.pdf format for Linux QMR installations
.pdf format for FreeBSD QMR installation
.pdf format for Solaris QMR installation

ASCII text of Redhat qmail installation
ACSII text of Debian qmail installation
ACSII text of Slackware qmail installation
ASCII text of FreeBSD qmail installation

$counter"; $fp = fopen($counter_file, "w"); fwrite($fp, $counter); fclose($fp); ?>


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 Qmail installation notes and summaries by the author. Me talking.
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 Commands to be run by you, the installer.
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 Special notes for Redhat 9 users.
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 Vital and/or critical information.
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 Command line output.

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